Summary: Have you ever wanted to play a game which included both card and tower defense factors in it? Have you ever wanted to experience such a game for real? If yes, then you need not worry anymore. This astounding game will ensure to grant you an extraordinary experience in it.

clash royale new update

The game of clash royale possesses some astounding features which you would not find in any other games. As it has a rather odd combination of both card and tower defense factors associated in one, you are bound to be engrossed in it for a very long time. With extremely easy user friendly methods like clash royale hack no survey and no money feature, it would not pose to be a tough challenge for you to play it. On the contrary, it is an intense duel battle which is required for you to play online.  Hence, take a break from your mundane routine and step into your fantasy world.

What Are The Factors Which Differ It From Other Games?

This game topped the game charts with some obvious good reasons. There are some exclusive features which differ it from other games.

  • The game of clash royale has a very unique concept added to it. No other game will include a combination of both card and tower games in it. This factor is actually very intriguing for most gamers.
  • This game includes usage of both effective strategies and battlefields in it. Hence, you would be gaining a little bit of experience of both factors while playing it.
  • If you in any case happen to destroy your opponents tower, it is then you would be automatically granted with three crown victories, simultaneously.

What Are The Time Durations Taken For Each Chest To Unlock?

When you win a multiplayer game such as this, obtaining chests prove to be the big thing in it. As there are varied forms of chests to unlock, these might require some considerable time for opening it.

  • In Clash Royale, Silver chest requires almost three hours to open while Gold chests take about five hours.
  • Secondly, both Giant and Magical chests similarly take over twelve hours for opening since these are some insanely huge chests.
  • Finally, in the case of Super Magical chests, it requires almost twenty four hours for unlocking. As different levels of chest contains varied forms of number or cards in it, hence, it naturally consumes a lot of time for the chests to open.

What Are The Varied Facilities Of Chests?

As chests constitute to be a significant part of this game, similarly it has some added benefits to it. These factors would actually contribute for increased interest in this game.

  • In the game of clash royale, you can obtain free chests once every four hours.
  • Once in every day, you would also be liable for winning as many as ten crowns from victories, in order for acquiring the most important chest of all, i.e. Crown Chest.
  • You would also be pleased to hear that both Free and Crown chests are able to be unlocked instantly. It would not require any extra effort for unlocking.

Is It Good Enough For Playing?

Yes, absolutely. Once you decide to invest your time in this enthralling game, you would be able to figure it out instantly. Players from around the world simply loved this game to its core. As this game is filled with varied types of activities, it would bound to engage you in some way or the other. Plus, there are also added bonuses of acquiring different kinds of chests for free. Hence, get ready to be addicted with this game since nobody could actually get tired of playing it.